Hello guys, how are you? i hope you are good. For this time i want tell you about my campus. I study in Universitas Jenderal Soedirman,it is located in Purwokerto, Middle Java. I am in Faculty of Humanities or we call it FIB. FIB is very interesting place, we can found so many types of student. FIB made months a go b ut it has some trophies from their football. FIB also has some places to wait next subject and it has wi-fi signal but when we want to wait next subject there ,it always full with student that surf the internet. That is very disgusting other student that want to make homework there. So, i interview some student to know what they think about the wi-fi man. This is my interview.

1. First Student (FS)

Me : hello, how are you?

FS : i’m fine, and you?

Me : i’m fine too, okay let’s start it, for the first question, how long you are here?

FS : maybe almost 2 years.

Me : okay, maybe you know what happen with our campus right now?

FS : yes of course, our campus is stil young and we as a student must try to make our campus active and famous.

Me : Can you give me some examples?

FS : for the example, FIB be the most atractive supporter and FIB be the best supporter in UNSOED twice.

Me : oke that’s great. What do you think about wi-fi man?

FS : wi-fi man? that’s very nice nickname. I think they must exterminate from our campus.

Me : exterminate? why you said like that?

FS : yeah because they are disgusting for other student.

Me : okay, thank you for your time and nice to meet you.

FS : nice to meet you too.

2.Second Student (SS)

Me : hello how are you?

SS : i am fine`

Me : oke for the first question. How long you are here?

SS : almost 2 years`

Me : what do you think about our campus?

SS : our campus right now is very desolate.

Me : why you say like that?

SS : because FIB has so many student FIB does not have good activity.

Me : oke, what do you think about wi-fi man?

SS : wi-fi man? sounds good  i really dislike with them because they come to campus just for surt the internet, download and playing game online.

Me : okay thank you for your time and nice to meet you.

SS : nice to meet you too.

3.Third Student (TS)

Me : hi, how are you ?

TS : very good and you?

Me : i am fine too. Let’s start for the first quesion. How long you are here?

TS : maybe 2 years.

Me : so, what do you think about our campus?

TS : our campuss… our campus is good. It has good enough facility but the rubbish are to many.

Me : okay, what do you think about wi-fi man?

TS : wi-fi man?

Me : yeah wi-fi man is a student who spent a long time to surf the internet in campus.

TS : oh i see. I think they must have some punishment like spread some virus in wi-fi signal.

Me : that is very nice advise , maybe you must try that.

TS : yeah to make wi-fi man not comfort with their computer.

Me : okay maybe thats all, your statement is very interesting. nice to meet you.

TSS : nice to meet you too.

From the interview i can conclude that many student dislike the wi-fi man because they make other student not comfort when they do the homework, the other statement says they just sit and turn on the laptop and surf the internet. Yeah maybe they are the seasoning of my campus, my campus also has very smart student and very talented student but they do not have support from the high. Maybe this is the end of my article and see you later. 🙂 🙂

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