My Homework In Mt.Sumbing

This is my story when my friends and i go to Mt.Sumbing. Novrian Surya P is my name,but you can call me ian. I am in English Diploma Program more than 2years and i also have many friends but just 5person of my friends who very like hiking.They are Abdul,Hamid,Zombie,Komeng and Gandi. Abdul and Hamid are my classmate in English Diploma Program. Zombie from Indonesia Literature eventhough he has different program but he is very close with me.Gandi is from Japan Literature he always join when i have hike to mountain. The last is Komeng, he is from Economic Faculty and he has so many experience in travel.

Last year i went to Mt.Sumbing for the first time and we can’t summit Mt.Sumbing because of UAS and our logistic almost empty, but in the next semester we want to tried again and want to stood in the top of Mt.Sumbing.In March 23,2015 we didn’t want failed again so we prepared very maximal.Almost 1day we prepared, at 06.00 p.m we went to Mt.Sumbing basecamp. We went to Mt.Sumbing basecamp by motorcycle, it took 3hours from Purwokerto. At 09.00 p.m we came in basecamp and took a rest until 01.00 a.m. At 01.30 we started to hike before we started we pray to the god to saved until we came to house. We walked very fast from basecamp but when we came in the garden we walked slowly because of the ascent very high,when we took a rest we met another hiker from UNDIP. They just 4person so we decided to hike together. At 04.00 a.m we reached checkpoint1 and we took arest until 04.30 a.m. We continued our hike to checkpoint2 while saw the sunrise. At 06.30 a.m we came in checkpoint2 and we had breakfast there.We  just ate bread and a glass of coffee for breakfast,it makes Gandi didn’t satisfied.

Gandi : “we just eat this for breakfast?”

Me      :”yea,we just eat this”

Gandi :”we don’t make rice or noodle?”

Hamid            :”no,it will takes long time”

Gandi :”but,i still hungry.i need to eat noodle or rice right now!!”

Hamid            :”oke,we will cook it but when we come in checkpoint3 and pitch a tent”

Gandi :”okay.”

We continued our hike to checkpoint3. At 12.00 a.m came in checkpoint3 and pitch a tent.

Zombie:”Dul,you make some food and we pitch a tent”

Abdul  :”oke,make it fast”

We done the tent and ate the food in the tent. At 08.00 p.m we slept in the tent but at 10.00 p.m the rain was come. The tent was wet from leaking, but we still slept. Komeng woke up and he looked the situation.

Komeng :”hey, wake up!! Our tent is wet”

Abdul     :”Shit!! My body and my cloth are wet”

Me          :”me too, hey all wake up!!”

Zombie  :”what the… this is storm, all.. we can’t sit here we must stand”

All of our cloth and body are wet and we can’t slept in the tent. We just stood in the tent and smoke some cigarretes,drank a cup of coffee,ate snacks. At 01.00 a.m the rain was over, we looked around the tent and repaired the tent, after that we can’t slept because the wind blew very fast and we felt very cold. We just sat,talked while drank coffee, suddenly Komeng stoped talked the eyes turned into white.

Me         :”hey all, what happen with Komeng?”

Zombie  :”maybe he got hypothermia?”

Hamid   :”open your cloth!! We will make you more hot”

All of us opened their cloth and embraced Komeng. After 1hour Komeng began aware and Abdul made some glasses of coffee and breakfast. At 03.00 a.m we prepared to went for the last checkpoint. The last checkpoint is top of Mt.Sumbing. We walked slowly because of the condition of Komeng still bad. After walked almost 5hours finally we just climbed one more hill to came in the top of Mt.Sumbing.

Abdul   :”finally, just one more hill.”

Me        :”yea, one more hill.Come on guys!!”

At 11.00 a.m we came in the top of  Mt.Sumbing, we had very happy. We pictured the scenery,all of   members and pray together. At 01.00 p.m we went down  to checkpoint3, in checkpoint3 we ate again and went down to basecamp. At 05.00 we came in basecamp and took a rest until 07.00 p.m. At 10.00 p.m we came in Purwokerto and went to house.

Thank you 🙂 🙂


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