My Holiday at Kiluan Bay


Last year, my friends and I went to the Kiluan bay which located at the end of Sumatra island. Together with my friends, I started the journey in the evening. We settled off from Bandar Lampung at 7:45 PM. We spend the time to shop for food in a supermarket for 30 minutes. We shopped instant noodles, ketchup, sauces, fish, vegetables, and the other foods. Those were used for our food supplies for living in the Kiluan island. We would stay on the island for one night, but we stayed at a friend’s house first for that night. After shopping, we immediately headed to our friend’s house to stay. Our friend’s house was located near the beach and the next day, we went to the Kiluan. During the night, we stayed at the home of our friends. We stayed up and talked so long because he had not met for a long time. However, on that night some of our friends did not want to continue the conversation and chosen to go to sleep because they had to prepare for tomorrow, the long journey.

In the morning, on Saturday, we went to Kiluan at 7:00 AM. We used motorcycles, we rode a motorcycle by two people. A few minutes after the trip began, we stopped at a gas station to refuel. The journey that we had to pass is quite far, we spent approximately 5 hours to get to Kiluan. On the way, after we refueled we also took time to stop at the restaurant den resting in a hut owned by residents. The journey that we traveled was very tiring, especially with the scorching sun which began to shine. At 12:50 PM, we arrived at the beach of Kiluan Bay. We stay in a cottage belonging to a friend, and we took a rest for a few hours. We carry the noon prayer and then talked about Kiluan island along with the native people in that cottage area.

When we had took a rest, a friend asked us to prepare for going to go to Laguna. Laguna is sea water trapped in rocks and formed a pool. Laguna is one of the attractions of the Kiluan bay and when you get to that place, you will surely be amazed. It was not too deep so we could swim easily. Next to Laguna, there was a small pool that had a hole leading directly to the beach. So, if the beach was touched by the waves, then there would be a big splash of water from that small pool. The splashes that went out were so high and we really liked it. We were in the Laguna to take pictures and to swim only for two hours. Then we returned to the lodge for a shower and took our stuffs. A few minutes later, there was a ship that came to pick us up and drove to the island. We headed to the real island named Kiluan. We left at 5:30 PM and we got there at 6:00 PM.

In the islands, my friends and I immediately booked a cottage which we used to sleep for a night. At night, we settled up a tent because that was not enough to sleep for 12 people in the cottage. We also lighted a fire for grilling the fish in the night. The next morning, I was with my friends running around the beach. The beach was so beautiful and you will found a white sand with the sea water which was very clear and there was so clean because there was no garbage. At the beach, there was no coral reef so we could swim easily and comfortably. A few minutes later after jogging, the two ships came and picked us up to go to the middle of the sea in order for seeing the dolphins. There were at least 50 dolphins. We left Kiluan beach at 9:00 AM and arrived at the location where we could see the dolphins at 10:00 AM. In the ocean, we saw lots of dolphins swimming around our boat. They were like the tame animals as we see in the circus because of the distance when they swam with us was very close and they did not fear with us until we could almost touch them. We saw this amazing sight for an hour until the driver finally decided to drive the ship back to the beach.

When returning to the beach, we immediately dived and see the beauty of the underwater life in Kiluan bay. We rented a float and equipment for swimming. We swam up to the middle of the beach and then watched how the beauty of the Kiluan underwater park. After a few hours of swimming, we get some rest and cook for lunch. We cook instant noodles and ate together on the island. At 3:00 PM, we were picked up by a boat that took us back to the island of Sumatera. We prepared quickly and went home. Holiday in the Kiluan island was a very pleasant experience. We could never forget how to experience swimming in the Laguna, seeing the dolphins, and diving. It was so impressive.

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